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Citizens of EU and EEA Countries

If you are an EU/EEA citizen, you will need a residence permit, if you are staying in Denmark for more than three months. The residence permit is issued by Statsforvaltningen (State Administration).

To accommodate the large number of international students arriving every semester, the State Administration will offer their services in Copenhagen at Ellebjergvej on specific dates:

  • Thursday 16th August: 8.30-10.00
  • Thursday 23rd August: 8.30-10.00
  • Friday 24th August: 8.00-14.00
  • Thursday 30th August: 8.30-10.00
  • Friday 31st August: 8.00-14.00
  • Thursday 6th September: 8.30-10.00
  • Friday 7th September: 8.00-14.00
  • Thursday 13th September: 8.30-10.00

If you visit Statsforvaltningen within the above mentioned opening hours, an EU registration certificate can be issued the same day. Expect to get the certificate after 2 or 3 hours. If Statsforvaltningen is very busy they will in rare cases ask visitors to come back another day. If you visit Statsforvaltningen outside these special opening hours, the registration certificate will be issued within three weeks.

In order to apply for EU/EEA residence permit you will need to fill out an bring a decleration of self-support. You will find the decleration here for printing.

Please note that you need to obtain your residence permit before you can obtain your CPR number at International House.

The State Administration for Greater Copenhagen/
Statsforvaltningen Afdeling København
Ellebjergvej 52 (Map)
2450 Copenhagen SV
Tel.: +45 72 56 70 00

For more information on the process and the documents you need to bring see this link.

Work Permit

Students from EU member states will not need a work permit for regular student jobs.