Transcript of Academic Records

The number of credits awarded for each course varies depending on the workload. Be aware that credits only are awarded if you meet the course requirements.

If you need a transcript during your stay at UCPH, you can make a print from KUnet. Log on to KUnet go to Self- service - “Enrolment, courses & exams” - "Transcripts".

Full Degree Students

When you have completed your studies at UCPH you will receive an official diploma and a transcript of records from the faculty in which you have been enrolled.

Exchange Students

When your exam results have been registered by the departments at UCPH, International Education & Grants will send 3 hard copies of your transcript directly to the International Office at your home university. Expect up to 8 weeks from your enrolment ends to your home university receives your transcript. It is your home university’s responsibility to forward 1-2 hard copies directly to you.

Please notice that all passed courses will be listed on your transcript but no failed courses will be listed. Only courses you have taken at the University of Copenhagen will appear on your transcript.

If you are applying for Graduate Schools, International Education & Grants can provide you with three copies of your transcript. We will send certified copies of your transcript in sealed envelopes directly to your home address. It is your responsibility to forward your transcripts to the graduate schools. Please send us an email to with your full name, period of enrolment and home address

Guest Students

Non-EU/EEA guest students: the same rules apply as for exchange students, see above.

EU/EEA guest students: contact your department(s) and/or faculty(ies) for your transcript.

Summer School

If you have attended a summer school programme at UCPH, your transcript will be issued by the department where you took the course. IARU GSP students receive their transcript from International Education & Grants.


Your work is assessed according to the 7-point scale or by Pass/Fail. 2 is the required grade to pass. Pass grades cannot be changed to a numeric grade or vice versa. If you have any questions or complaints related to your grades, you must contact the  department in which you took the course.

Grading Scale

12: For an excellent performance
10: For a very good performance
7: For a good performance
4: For a fair performance
02: For an adequate performance
00: For an inadequate performance
-3: For an unacceptable performance