Master of Arts (MA) in African Studies – University of Copenhagen

Master of Arts (MA) in African Studies

Interested in human rights, conflict, conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS in a social context, alleviating poverty, economic development, etc.?

As a student of African Studies you will receive:

  • an interdisciplinary and international degree
  • insight into social, cultural and religious conditions in sub-Saharan Africa
  • teaching by the best lecturers in their fields
  • the skills needed for development work in a national or international context

The programme is offered in English.

The Master's in African Studies is an interdisciplinary programme that builds on the academic expertise acquired on your Bachelor programme. The programme will teach you to work with other people in situations that require a variety of academic competences and will provide you with the professional skills needed for a range of jobs related to Africa. The programme includes the option of an internship or field work, providing you with first-hand knowledge and experience of real-life work in Africa.

Student Interview

"The possibility to spend an entire semester on field work leading up to the thesis was very important to me. It makes it possible to explore your subject really thouroughly. After years of theory you want to get out and use it!"

Read the interview with student Jacob Holmsgaard.

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