Profile and Career

Your Chemistry MSc programme at University of Copenhagen is a two-year study package. As much as half can be spent on your thesis. So you get up to one full year in the lab to concentrate on your subject of choice.

As an MSc graduate in Chemistry you have acquired the competences to:

  • work independently, both individually and in teams.
  • formulate, structure and execute a research project involving the development and use of chemical methods.
  • manage complex research and development situations.
  • investigate and synthesize available knowledge in a field of chemistry.
  • evaluate chemical methods, their capabilities and limitations.
  • discuss chemical methods, theory and results in general as well as at a scientific level.
  • discuss the application of chemical results in an industrial, societal and ethical context from a professional basis.
  • assume responsibility for one’s own professional development and specialisation.

Furthermore, you have acquired the skills to:

  • process and analyse data.
  • read and understand literature in the field of chemistry.
  • utilize chemistry databases.
  • account for work orally and in writing.


Chemistry MSc graduates will:

  • through course and project work, acquire knowledge and methodology in selected research areas.
  • through independent research under supervisor guidance, acquire in-depth knowledge of a specialised field at an internationally competitive level.

Career Opportunities

Chemists are in demand all over the world. In research, development and analytical laboratories in the private as well as the public sector. They work as advisors in both private firms and public institutions, teach at university or High School level or work for media. Or they use the insights from studying chemistry to start their own business.