Language requirements - MA in Cognition and Communication

Applicants to an English-taught master's degree programmes at the Faculty of Humanities are required to document their English language proficiency in accordance with the language requirements for admission. 

How to document your English proficiency

The Faculty of Humanities requires what is called 'English level B' language proficiency (on the Danish scale).

This is most often demonstrated by way of an approved English language test.

The English language test has a minimum total score requirement, which is found by clicking on the applicable language test from the menu below.

The Faculty of Humanities accepts the following English proficiency tests:


























The University of Copenhagen verifies all test reports with the test provider.

Do I need to take an English language test?

Applicants who have previously studied in an English-speaking country, or have acquired fluent English proficiency by other means, may be exempt from submitting formal English test results to demonstrate their English proficiency. 

These exemptions are outlined below. 

Please note that exemptions must be met exactly as stated. Applicants who have a bachelor's degree in English language and/or literature from a non-English speaking country are not exempt from submitting an English language test.










































You are exempt from submitting an English proficiency test if you document that you have acquired a weighed grade point average of 3 or above in English B (samlede Engelsk B karaktergennemsnit) in your upper secondary education in Denmark, or document that you have passed Danish upper secondary school ‘English level A’ (Engelsk A) with the minimum weighted average grade of 2 on the Danish grading scale

Applicants apply for the exemption by submitting a Danish upper secondary leaving certificate (e.g., a "Studentereksamen") in their online application





















































Deadline for submission of a language test

If you have not included an English proficiency test report in your application, you are required to submit documentation of your language proficiency as soon as possible in accordance with the following deadlines:

  • Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens: 1 April
  • EU/EEA/Swiss citizens:         1 August

Failure to document your English language proficiency by the deadline may result in the admission offer being withdrawn. 

Test report forms are submitted by e-mail to