From application to study start for citizens of a country outside of the EU, EEA or Switzerland

Here is our timeline showing the MSc programme application procedure from preparing your application to starting your studies. Please keep in mind that:

  • Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you using the application portal.
  • When new information has been sent to you via the application portal, you will receive a notification saying that there is a new message for you in the portal. The notification is sent to the e-mail account you used when creating your application (remember to check your junk/spam folder).   
  • Make sure you have access to the e-mail account you are registered with in the application portal through the entire admission process. If you miss important information from us, it can have implications for your admission. 
  • If you have created your application account as a self-registered user, the notification will be sent to the e-mail account, you used when registering.
  • If you used WAYF, the notification will be sent to your Danish university e-mail account.
  • If you used NemID, the notification will be sent to the e-mail account which you have registered as your NemID e-mail account.
  • Prepare and submit your application

    15 November - 15 January

    Prepare and submit your application in the application portal.

    Here is our user guide on how to use the application portal


    Application deadline

    15 January

    Your application deadline. We do not accept applications after this deadline.


    Anything missing

    November - February

    >We assess whether your application is complete by looking at the required documentation. If anything is missing, we will send you a message in the application portal and you will receive a notification that you have a new message in the application portal. Your deadline for uploading any missing documents is 1 week from the time we contact you. Make sure you check the application portal regularly. If you do not submit all required documentation, your application may be rejected.



    Academic assessment

    15 February - 15 May

    We assess whether you meet the academic admission requirements.


    Offer of admission

    March - mid June

    >If you meet the admission requirements and there is a place for you in the programme, we will send you an offer of admission in the application portal. Your offer will only be for the highest of your priorities on which we can offer you admission.

    If you are not qualified, or if we cannot offer you a place, we will also let you know during this period.

    You have 5 days from receiving our offer of admission to accepting the admission offer. You accept (or reject) the offer in  the application portal. Your offer of admission will be offered to someone else if you do not accept within the deadline.

    Your admission offer is conditional and will include a list of conditions you must meet prior to full admission, e.g. certified documentation for completed Bachelor’s degree. We will inform you of the deadlines and how to meet the conditions.

    If you have been selected for one of our few available scholarships, we will notify you in the conditional offer of admission. All non-EU applicants are considered for the scholarships, so you will not have to apply for this separately.


    Pay your tuition fee

    15 April

    Your deadline for paying the 1st semester tuition fee is 15 April.

    Once you have accepted the offer of admission, we will send you information on how to pay the tuition fee for the 1st semester by e-mail. If we do not receive your payment, the offer of conditional admission will be cancelled.


    Letter of conditional admission

    Late April - June

    When you have paid your tuition fee or received a scholarship, we will send you a letter of conditional admission in the application portal. Your letter of admission may be conditional and include a list of conditions you must meet prior to full admission, e.g. certified documentation for completed Bachelor’s degree, copy of passport/ID etc. We will list the conditions in the letter of conditional admission. We will inform you of the deadlines and how to meet the conditions.


    Apply for visa

    Mid May - End August

    We will initiate the online visa application (ST1) on your behalf when you have met all the conditions of your conditional admission. We will send you the login details for online application and instructions for filling out your part in an e-mail to your UCPH e-mail account.

    We will start initiating applications in mid May as the case processing time for fully completed visa applications is up to 2 months. Your visa application will not be initiated before you have met all the conditions of your conditional admission.


    Activate your UCPH user name

    May - June

    You will receive your UCPH username in an email (the one that you are registered with in the application portal) with instructions on how to activate it. Do this as soon as possible. With your username, you can log into KUnet, the UCPH intranet.

     The KU username will not be sent to you, if you have previously been admitted to UCPH, e.g. as an exchange student: you will keep your old one. You can find help on the KUnet login page if you are unsure about your username or password.


    Apply for housing

    Late June

    • All international students will receive an invitation to the database of the Housing Foundation Copenhagen where you can apply for housing in Copenhagen. We are regrettably not able to guarantee housing for all students, so you may also want to start looking into alternative housing options around this time.

    Consult your study start website

    1 May - 1 September

    To make sure you are off to a great start, we have prepared a site for you introducing you to your MSc programme and student life at UCPH. Take time to explore this website thoroughly and make it your first priority to find out what courses to register for in your 1st semester. We will send you a link to your study start web site in the application portal.


    Register for courses

    15 May - 1 June

    You must register for courses in your 1st semester (block 1 and 2). Registration takes place by using the self service system on KUnet (requires login). It is very important that you register for courses during this period, or you may end up without a place on the courses you are planning to take in your first semester. Registration is compulsory for all types of courses (even those that are compulsory in your programme). We will of course extend the deadline for students who are enrolled later than 1 June.


    Arrival in Copenhagen

    Late August

    If possible, we recommend that you arrive in Copenhagen a few days early, but make sure your visa is in order and you have a place to stay before booking your plane tickets. If you are not able to make it by then, make sure you are here before your first day of classes at the latest.


    Introduction programme

    29 August - 2 September

    Participate in our introduction programme to get to know your MSc programme, your new place of study, your fellow students and UCPH. During this time, you will also be able to register with the authorities, get your student ID and deal with other administrative matters. More information about the programme will be available on your study start web site.


    First day of classes

    5 September

    First day of classes on your new MSc programme.


    Study start test

    12 September

    You will get a link for your study start test at your KUmail.

    Deadline for handing in proof of your degree

    20 September

    You must hand in certified documentation that you have completed your Bachelor's degree, no later than 20 September. If you fail to hand in your documentation by this date, you will lose your place in the programme.

    There are 2 ways to document your completed Bachelor’s degree. Find them here under “official diploma”.

    Please note that we will not initiate your online visa application until we have received certified documentation that you have completed your Bachelor’s degree.