Master of Science (MSc) in Information Science and Cultural Communication

PLEASE NOTE: From September 1, 2021, the MSc programme in Information Science and Cultural Communication will no longer be available as an English taught Master’s programme. The programme will only be available for students with a Danish language proficiency test. Learn more on the Danish site.

The Master's programme offers you a unique opportunity to study information science from a cultural perspective. As a Master of Science in Information Science and Cultural Communication, you learn how to work analytically with complex problems and challenges in the interplay between people, IT, information and culture.

Students will work with theories and methods in relation to subjects such as: system evaluation, user studies, information architecture, knowledge organization, scholarly communication, bibliometric, information culture and design of interactive information spaces. In addition, students can choose a number of elective courses reflecting new research and courses with a practical approach. Students are always actively invited to take part in discussions and contribute to the learning experience in the classroom. 

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