Tuition fee and scholarships

If you hold a citizenship from outside EU/EEA/Switzerland, you must pay tuition fee for the MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen.


Tuition fees are paid in 4 rates (one each semester) throughout the two-year MSc programme.

The instalments of DKK 62,500 are due at the following deadlines:

1st semester: 15 April (prior to the programme start)
2nd semester: 31 January
3rd semester: 1 June
4th semester: 31 January

You will receive further information about payments in your letter with the offer of admission.

Tuition refund policy

The deadline for getting a tuition refund is 1 August. After the deadline, only the following will result in a full tuition refund:

  • a failed visa application
  • failure to meet one or more conditions of the admission



The two scholarships mentioned here are the very limited number of scholarships, which the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has to award students.

There are, though, many other opportunities to find funding for your studies. We have collected information concerning scholarships and loans. Please follow the link below. 

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Danish Governmental scholarship

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has a very limited number of scholarships to award non-EU/EEA students. The scholarships are awarded to the academically most outstanding students.

What does the scholarship cover?

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences offers two types of scholarships:

  • A scholarship that covers both tuition fees and living expenses (2022 level: DKK 9,960 per month for 22 months). 
  • A tuition fee waiver scholarship covering tuition fees for the 2-year programme

If you receive a Danish Governmental scholarship to cover living expenses, you must be aware that they are taxed according to Danish Tax legislation. Some nationalities may be exempt from paying tax of the scholarship. If you are exempt, we will inform you in your award letter.

Who are considered for a scholarship?

All eligible non-EU/EEA applicants are considered for a scholarship as part of the academic assessment.

The scholarships are allocated to students with excellent academic performance.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

You do not apply for a scholarship, as all eligible non-EU/EEA applications will be taken into consideration for a scholarship. Therefore, there is no separate application form.

If you receive a scholarship, you will be notified together with the offer of admission. You have not been granted a scholarship, if the offer of admission does not include information about the scholarship.

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Danish Governmental Scholarship for 2nd year students

Each year the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences consider the academic performance of fee-paying students who have completed the first year at the faculty regarding a full 1-year scholarship. The number of scholarship is very limited. It is our expectation to award approximately 2 scholarships for 2nd year students per academic year.

The very best student will be awarded a scholarship to cover both tuition fees and living expenses for the 2nd year of their programme.

You do not have to apply for the scholarship. All fee-paying students will automatically be taken into consideration for a 2nd year scholarship.

By mid-September/beginning of October, you will receive an e-mail if you have been awarded the scholarship.

It is our expectation, that student must have a GPA of 10 or higher on the Danish grading scale to be awarded a scholarship.