Testimonials from students and researcher portraits

Read the testimonials from a graduate and a student from the Master of Science Programme in Computer Science:

Working With Some of the Brightest Engineers in the World

 Nicolae, MSc graduate from Computer ScienceNicolae from Romania graduated in Computer Science from University of Copenhagen and now works for Microsoft. “For me it was amazing. We had the best teachers you could ever have”, he says.

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Studying Computer Science at University of Copenhagen – Hard Work, But Lots of Fun

Maksim, MSc student at Computer ScienceMaksim from Lithuania is studying for a Master's Degree in Computer Science. After that he is considering staying in Denmark to do a PhD. "A good thing about this university is that I have a good relationship with the professors. They want feedback and are interested in the student's opinions. I feel much more involved", Maksim says.

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PhD portraits

Read the portraits of two Danish PhD students at the University's Department of Computer Science.

Photo of Soeren Dahlgaard
Søren Dahlgaard

When computer science becomes competitive

23-year-old Søren Dahlgaard has programmed since he was 10, and since senior high he has involved himself in every available computer science competition. With three titles as Danish champion in programming on his resume and enrolled in the prestigious Ph.D. program at The Department of Computer Science (DIKU) at UCPH, Søren now has new goals in sight.

Photo of Mathias Knudsen
Mathias Knudsen

Former Olympic gold medalist in mathematics is now a Ph.D. student in computer science

If you are good at math, you might want to study computer science. This is the message to be learned from Mathias Knudsen’s trajectory as a student. In his senior year of high school, he won Olympic gold in mathematics, and now the 21-year-old student is involved in the research of randomized algorithms in collaboration with some of the world’s smartest people.

Researcher portraits

Meet three of our outstanding researchers at Department of Computer Science.

Photo of Christian Igen
Christian Igel

Meet Christian Igel - our outstanding Machine Learning researcher

- As a machine learning researcher, I am developing and analysing algorithms that extract useful information from data - algorithms that learn.

Photo of Andrzej Filinski
Andrzej Filinski

Meet Andrzej Filinski - our world expert on monads in programming

I worked for many years on programming with monadic effects, which is a systematic way of adding nominally "impure", but often very convenient, language features to "pure" functional programming.

Photo of Kasper Hornbæk
Kasper Hornbæk

Meet Kasper Hornbæk - our human interaction Big Shot

I am interested in how body-based user interfaces can be designed.