Student Life

About half of the students in any given year come from countries outside of Scandinavia. Further, you will be studying at all four universities in the programme (Aarhus Lund, Oslo, in addition to Copenhagen), and this produces a truly international atmosphere. Wherever you choose to apply – and are admitted – you will be based for the duration of your studies, and therefore courses taught at the other four universities will partly consist of state of the art e-learning.

However, twice pr. semester, for one or two weeks, you will take part in compact seminars. These seminars include fairly intense face-to-face teaching, combined with fairly intense social interaction. Since its inception in 2009, the students in the programme have enjoyed these seminars immensely, not least because they get to spend IRL time with all of their fellow students. The total number of students in a year is 30-40.

Weekly, or every two weeks, you will attend a two-hour tutorial together with the other students based at the University of Copenhagen. The tutorials partly aim at teaching general subjects within the science of religion such as cognition, ritual, mysticism, evolution, and partly their aim is to provide help with writing papers, writing correct English etc.

What is it like studying in Copenhagen?