Experience new things, learn a new language and meet a new culture

Jon from Iceland, MSc in Statistics

Jon, MSc student at StatisticsI lived in Copenhagen for three months and really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere the city has to offer. This was when I decided that I wanted to move to Copenhagen when I finished my Bachelors degree.

I had already chosen theoretical statistics as my main subject and the combination of theoretical statistics and Copenhagen lead to the University of Copenhagen. It also played a part in my decision that there are a lot of Icelandic people in Copenhagen and among them some of my friends.

The conditions for a statistics student here are good. The department is small in terms of students and the staff-student ratio is probably a lot higher than in many bigger departments. As a result the relationship between students and teachers is more personal and you get more help than you would get in a bigger department.

The range of courses available, both theoretical and applied, and the level of teaching is also surprisingly good. My fellow students have also been helpful and nice to me so I cannot complain about anything.

Copenhagen is a great city to study in. The first thing that you notice is the number of bikes you see in the streets. I almost always use my bike when I have to travel and in addition to being a quick and a efficient way of travelling it is also pleasant exercise. Copenhagen also has a lot to offer apart from a good student environment; there are a lot of nice coffee shops and kebab places all around town and there are surprisingly many concerts held in the city.

My favourite thing about Copenhagen is definitely the number of public gardens, and there is not a lot that compares to sitting in a public park in good weather with friends and beer. In general Danes are nice and helpful people. I would definitely recommend the statistic department at University of Copenhagen to other students and there are probably not a lot of places that are better than Copenhagen to experience new things, learn a new language and meet a new culture. I have recently graduated from the masters program at University of Copenhagen. I have been accepted on a PhD program in the USA.