Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (SUFONAMA) – University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (SUFONAMA)

Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (SUFONOMA in short) is a two-year MSc programme which provides you with qualifications to deal with the challenges of the sustainable management of forests and nature areas in an integrated landscape context.

The programme is offered in English.

PLEASE NOTE: Application for this programme is closed in 2018. University of Copenhagen expects to resume application in 2019.

"Well preserved nature can be a trademark that attracts tourists from all over the world. Especially for developing countries, tourists can be an essential source of economic growth, which creates incentives to conserving forests and nature instead of exploiting them.

Barry, MSc student, Sustainable Forest and Nature Management

During this programme you work with the enormous challenges of balancing the use of natural resources, e.g. for agricultural production, and society’s demand and need for forests, nature and landscapes, e.g. for recreational purposes. You will become an expert in managing the use of natural resources in profitable and sustainable ways and in managing major forest and nature preservation projects.
Sustainable Forest and Nature Management is part of the EU-funded Erasmus Mundus programme. It is offered by a consortium of five European universities: Bangor University, University of Goettingen, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University of Padova and University of Copenhagen. You are required to study at two of these universities of your choice and depending on which academic profile you want.

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