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Profile and Career

The Animal Science programme will give you basic knowledge about quantitative biology and its methods. You will learn how to analyse problems based on a holistic insight into the connection between the structure of the body, its functions, its ability to perform and welfare. You will learn, for instance,  how to organise the feeding, tending and breeding of pigs or other production animals.

You will have focus on new means of production which can benefit production economics as well as animal welfare and environment. Also, you will gain knowledge about the necessary tools to control the organisation and finances of, for instance, a large stud farm. You will, among other things, be able to focus on the ways feeding and physical training can ensure health and performance in a life-long perspective.

Career Opportunities

The various specialisations open up to a growing number of jobs within many different sectors, such as:

  • The Agricultural Advisory Service, consulting engineering firms, the financial sector or international development organisations
  • Development or sales jobs in the industry and production sector
  • Industry associations or professional organisations with relations to domestic animals or production
  • Strategic advising and/or management of experimental animal businesses
  • Public management (municipalities, regions, ministries and governmental bodies in Denmark, the EU and internationally)
  • Research and education in private companies, governmental research institutions and universities
  • Teaching at agricultural colleges, technical colleges or in other kind of course activities
  • Starting you own business

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