Master of Science (MSc) in Animal Science – University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Animal Science

The Msc programme in Animal Science focuses on healthy animals and their performance and needs in a life-long perspective.  During your Animal Science studies, you will learn how to analyse problems associated with animal science based on a holistic viewpoint using all aspects of the biological and social systems involved.

The programme is offered in English.

"What I like about studying Animal Science is the opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge to a subject that also has my interest in real life, such as animal nutrition and how it affects the performance of a production animal.

Camilla Louise Bak, MSc Student, Animal Science

As an MSc student of Animal Science you will be studying animal nutrition and physiology, management, breeding and genetics, and you will help improve animal welfare in a national and international perspective.

You will be able to create your own personal academic profile by choosing between a number of specialisations such as Production Animals, Companion Animals, Horses or Breeding and Genomics as well as a number of electives. 

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