Profile and Career 

Biochemistry is the right choice for you if you want to help make discoveries in basic research or in the pharmaceutical field. As an MSc student, you will work experimentally and theoretically with biochemical and molecular problems within a focus area of your own choosing.

Your thesis will be an independent piece of work, often contributing to an existing research project where you will be an integral part of the research group concerned.

Competence Description

  • You will learn to work with living organisms (bacteria, archaea, yeasts, cell cultures, plants).
  • You will learn to define, delimit, formulate and analyse biochemical or biological problems.
  • You will learn to independently plan and perform scientific experiments as well as interpret their reliability.
  • You will learn to interpret the results of experiments and communicate them in a larger context.
  • You will learn to express yourself clearly with the correct scientific terminology and achieve a significant understanding of your field of research.

Career Opportunities 

As an MSc in Biochemistry, you will have an internationally recognised research-based education geared towards research and teaching at the highest level.

You can find employment at universities, institutions of higher education, within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, at hospital laboratories or in the public sector.

You can also continue your research and obtain a PhD in Denmark or abroad. Unemployment among graduates with an MSc in Biochemistry has been low for several years.