Admission requirements

Students in class. Photo: Tom Canning

Admission to a master’s degree programme in Economics requires at minimum successful completion of a qualifying and recognised university degree equivalent in level and content to a Danish bachelor’s degree.

If you have completed a bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a bachelor’s degree programme you are eligible to apply for the master’s degree programme in Economics.

You are required to document proficiency in English according to your background; see the language requirements.

Assessment of academic qualifications

Solely the applicant’s bachelor degree will be considered when the applicant’s academic qualifications is assessed. This means that it is not possible to complete supplementary courses in order to meet the specific admission requirements.

Improved grades are not considered

Any improved grades are not considered. This is due to the fact that in Denmark it is not possible to improve grades in courses that has already been passed on the Bachelor's degree programme. Thus, if you have been awarded more than one grade in the same course, we will only consider the grade that you were awarded the first time that you passed the course when calculating your grade point average.

All applicants from non-Danish universities must, consequently, upload a complete transcript showing all examination attempts, the date of each examination attempt and the appurtenant exam result. If the applicant is unable to obtain a complete transcript from the home university, a confirmation that the applicant's transcript does not contain improved grades issued by the current home university is required instead.

Random checks of the applicant's basis for admission may also be made to the home university. In the case of admitted students, any fraudulent information in terms of grades may result in the student being deregistered from the degree programme in case of admission without entitlement.

However, any grade awarded on the basis of an appeal against the original grade will be considered. In this case, it must be clearly stated that this is an improved grade as a result of a complaint. Any such grade must be made available to the Faculty no later than the deadline for applications. Otherwise, the grade can only be considered in subsequent application rounds.

Random checks of the validity of international exam results will be carried out.

Please contact the Student Guidance Service, if you are in doubt about the rules or have questions about your entry qualifications.




Other applicants from universities in Denmark or abroad may be admitted based on a specific, individual, academic assessment provided that they are able to document knowledge, expertise and skills corresponding to the bachelor programme in Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

This assessment will be based on the following requirements:

  • The programme must be on the same level as the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics at the University of Copenhagen
  • Microeconomics (a minimum of 15 ECTS corresponding to Microeconomics I + Microeconomics II at the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics, UCPH)
  • Macroeconomics (a minimum of 15 ECTS corresponding to Macroeconomics I + Macroeconomics II at the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics, UCPH)
  • Econometrics/Statistics (a minimum of 15 ECTS corresponding to Probability Theory and Statistics + Econometrics I at the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics, UCPH)
  • Mathematics (a minimum of 10 ECTS on the same level as Mathematics A + Mathematics  B at the Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Economics, UCPH)
  • English language proficiency corresponding to at least the Danish upper secondary school 'English level B. (For information on how to meet the language requirements, please click here).

At this point in time, no Professional Bachelor's degrees qualify for admission to the MSc in Economics, incl. the following Professional Bachelor's degrees:

  • Finans
  • Offentlig administration
  • Sport management
  • Økonomi og informationsteknologi
  • Procesøkonomi og værdikædeledelse
  • Dataanalyse
  • Skat
  • Event management og økonomi
  • Diplomingeniør - kemiteknik og international business
  • Diplomingeniør - it og økonomi
  • Finansøkonom

The list is not exhaustive. It is assessed on an annual basis whether any new Professional Bachelor's degrees may qualify for admission.