Student Life

Student life at city campus, UCPH

Studying Economics is not only about sitting nose deep in your books. There are many social events and other facilities that give you a chance of being a part of the study environment.

“Cafélitten” is the place where you can play PS4 or table football and discuss the unfair amount of homework with other students of Economics. Find “Real l’Hôpital” on Facebook to play football with fellow students; go grab a beer at “Kommunen” and stay all night for the Friday party, which is alternately hosted by one of the six departments on Campus.

There are study trips twice a year; one in Europe and another one outside of Europe, and moreover, there is an annual skiing trip to France during the winter.

These social events are just a handful of the many things that you can spend your spare time on.

If you want to improve the academic level and general state of the Department of Economics, you can become a member of the student organization called “Politrådet”.

Finding Housing

The Department of Economics is unable to assist international full-degree students in finding accommodation.

You may, however, find housing on you own. In that case, you may wish to make use of some our tips on how to get started.

Student testimonials

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