Profile and Career

Challenges such as a high carbon footprint, obesity and bad nutrition are priorities high on the international agenda. At the same time, our consummation of food has changed. Even before we enter the kitchen, an increasing number of our food has been prepared or partly prepared. Convenience products are often not a healthy and sustainable choice, and we should demand the development of healthier and more sustainable products.

The Food Innovation and Health programme is a scientific and practice-based programme with an innovative approach that challenges the traditional concepts of gastronomy, and what it is possible to eat.

You will be taught how to combine knowledge about nutrition, sensory quality, innovation and entrepreneurship with food chemistry, culinary techniques, product development, sociology, and consumer science. In this way, you will be able to navigate in the cross field between palatability, health, and sustainability with a view to develop new successful products and consumer experiences.

Competence Description

The unique combination of knowledge, methodologies, techniques, and competencies means that as an MSc in Food Innovation and Health you will be able to, among other things:

  • Work interdisciplinary and in groups to further innovate and use creativity when developing tasty and nutritionally sound and sustainable products.
  • Understand the importance of cognitive, social and cultural factors that affect our dietary habits.
  • Work scientifically with food (evaluate the nutritional, chemical and sensory quality).
  • Handling consumers’ demands needs and preferences in connection with food and eating.
  • Performing advisory and managerial tasks in relation to food and health for private companies and public institutions.
  • Understand how consumer science can be used to support marketing strategies in the food industry.
  • Teaching and conducting research within food,health and sustainability.

Career Opportunities

With a degree in Food Innovation and Health, you can use your competencies in food science, nutrition, innovation, and entrepreneurship to obtain exciting jobs in the food industry or within the public food area, for instance as a product developer or adviser.

You can also work with communication, health promotion, management, a green transition with sustainable food products, or research within the food and health sector. Furthermore, you can teach, serve as a consultant, or establish your own company.