Satelite dish with water delta and mountains in the background

Profile and Career

The programme gives you a solid foundation for conducting complex analyses of local, national, and global problems seen from a geographical perspective and founded on an interdisciplinary understanding of the world.

Competence Description

The competences you acquire will depend on your choice of specialisation. In all specialisations, there will a strong focus on developing your skills for independent research and project work.

The breadth and interdisciplinary nature of the programme enables you to engage in and manage complex tasks and projects. You will also be able to understand and work with people from different scientific backgrounds, and act as bridge-builder between e.g., science and social studies.

You can find a more detailed competence description for each of the three specialisations under Programme Structure and in the programme curriculum.

Career Opportunities

Geographers are both 1) generalists, who can think interdisciplinarily and incorporate different perspectives. And 2) specialists, who are experts within one area. This combination of ‘breadth' and ‘depth' means that geographers find employment in many different areas, including:

  • In the private sector e.g., consulting engineering firms.
  • In public administration e.g., as urban planners, project coordinators, environmental planners, business development consultants, or student and career counsellor.
  • In NGOs and international organisations such as MS Danish Association for International Co-operation and the UN, which includes working in developing countries.
  • As consultants for special interest groups
  • As researchers and upper secondary school teachers.