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Programme Structure

The MSc in Global Health is a 2-year programme taught in English.

The first year consists of six compulsory courses and includes mandatory field work in a low- or middle-income country in either Europe or Africa.

The year is divided into four blocks, with two courses running simultaneously in each block, except for block 3 which is made up entirely of the field work.

The second year is a year of specialisation and you are free to plan and compose the year as you like within one of four different study tracks.

You can choose between elective courses in Denmark or abroad and/or you can do an internship in a relevant company or organisation. The only requirement is that you should obtain a total of 60 ETCS and finalise your study with a master's thesis.

The MSc in Global Health study programme 2016-2017

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Global Health and Diseases: Introduction and Major Challenges The Anthropology of Global Health
Field Work
Global Partners, Policies and Health Care Systems
Drivers of Change in Human Health: Coping with Population and Environmental Dynamics Health Research Methodology Strategies for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Year 2

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Specialisation Thesis

CurriculumCheck out the MSc in Global Health curriculum for more details about the courses, exams, workload in ECTS-points etc. (external link to


On your second year, you choose a specialisation. You are free to plan and compose the year as you like within one of four different study tracks.

Master's thesis

You spend your fourth semester working on your thesis (30 ECTS), which must be handed in at the end of the fourth semester. The thesis is the culmination of your study of global health.

Study Abroad

It is also possible to study abroad during your degree. You can choose to study abroad one or two semesters or for a shorter period of time; e.g. take a summer school course.