Loads of different courses and interesting lectures

Photot af Lina from Lithuania

Lina from Lithuania,  Mathematics-Economics student

On my first course in University of Copenhagen I was the only international student who wasn't able to speak Danish. But when the teacher and the rest of the class realized this, they did all the lectures and discussions on English. That's one major reason why I decided to do Mathematics-Economics at the University of Copenhagen.

I had also been to Norway, Sweden and Denmark before. And I had no doubts: in Denmark I felt most comfortable, and I knew that University of Copenhagen provides high-quality research and teaching. Now I can say that the teaching is brilliant and every semester you can choose loads of different courses and functional lectures. And the students and staff cooperate very closely. You can always get in touch with them if you need to, in connection with your course material or to understand more deeply the subject you are interesting in.

I really benefit from the Masters course in Copenhagen. I have to say that my expectations have all pretty much been fulfilled. I am just so happy I chose Copenhagen! Another big advantage of the University of Copenhagen is the library. It is open almost round the clock. There is a student "life" there, students are not only preparing for exams in silence but enjoy each other's company in nice atmosphere. You can download articles and other materials free of charge, and if you need to reserve books they come quickly, so you don't fall behind in class.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by Danish mentors who gave me good advice about studying at Copenhagen and about the city life. It's a lovely green place with so many cyclists and beautiful surroundings! There are even quiet green spots in the very centre of town like University Park where we chill between lectures.

I have never felt lonely in Denmark. On the contrary, sometimes I work at the Student Bar and that's helped me to get to know loads of people. And there are quite a few Lithuanians studying here. We get together and hang out. Meeting the Danes has been a very positive experience. Just after I got here Danish family took me to the horse racing, and guess who was sitting two seats next to me? The Queen of Denmark! That felt really fortunate!

Another special experience of a less royal kind was my first lectures at the university. Danish eating habits!!! Right in the middle of the lecture somebody pulled out some carrots and ate them! It wasn't at all like at home, where we put carrots in other dishes. We don't eat them as separate foods. But all in all, I love to be one of international student here. I am so happy I chose Copenhagen!