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Programme Structure

The programme is very free and can, to a great extent, be composed according to your own wishes, with an emphasis on financing, econometrics, operations research or theoretical economics. Regardless of which direction you choose, the mathematical foundation will play a major role.

Do a Project in Practice or study abroad

There are good opportunities to participate in external projects and to have credit for them transferred as part of your studies. For instance, you can choose to do a Project in Practice in collaboration with a company or an institution.

It is also possible to study abroad during your degree. You can study abroad for one or two semesters or for a shorter period of time.

Master's thesis

The programme concludes with a thesis, where you work in depth with an academic problem. Often, the thesis takes its point of departure in practice, and the work is carried out in collaboration with a company in many cases.

Below you can see some examples of possible thesis topics:

  • Optimum mortgage-credit portfolio planning
  • Implicit volatility and realised variance
  • Credit risk
  • Co-integration – stable correlations in explosive processes
  • Optimum route plans in large networks

The programme is structured as follows

Compulsory courses: 30 ECTS
Restricted elective courses: 30 ECTS
Elective courses: 30 ECTS
Thesis: 30 ECTS 

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Year 1 Econometrics 2: Statistical Analysis of Econometric Time Series Macroeconomics 3: Business Cycles and Monetary Policy Microeconomics 3: Industrial Organization Finance 2: Dynamic Portfolio Choice
Restricted elective course Restricted elective course Restricted elective course Restricted elective course
Year 2 Elective course Elective course Thesis
Elective course Elective course

Restricted elective courses

Choose your restricted elective courses from the list below. Click on each course for a detailed description.

* The course is not offered in the academic year 2021/22.