Public Management & Social Development – University of Copenhagen

Master of Social Science (MSocSc) in Public Management & Social Development

In the Sino-Danish Centre in Beijing, CBS offers a new master's degree in social sciences in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. This master programme offers a comparative perspective on the welfare state development and processes for social innovation.

The program is taught in English and takes place in China.

China and Europe face similar challenges when it comes to quality of life of citizens, social cohesion and economic competitiveness. Both parts of the world will in fact over a few years experience very large changes in welfare policy and institutional development. The new Master's degree in Public Management & Social Innovation is to educate people that can handle these challenges and changes.

The program gives you an overview of different welfare states and different welfare models in relation to China and Europe as well as a presentation of how the welfare state works and how it affects the economy and society. You will work on how the different models are supported by different national business systems. The program has a special focus on social innovation processes, which in recent years has transformed the traditional relationship between the public and the private.

Read more on the program's English website at Copenhagen Business School.