Admission requirements

Students at campus. Photo: Jakob DallAdmission to the MSc in Social Data Science  requires the completion of a qualifying bachelor’s degree from a recognised/accredited university. The degree must be equivalent in level and content to a Danish bachelor’s degree.

If you have completed a qualifying bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a qualifying bachelor’s degree programme, you are eligible to apply for admission to the MSc in Social Data Science.

You are required to document an adequate level of proficiency in English; see the language requirements

Only the applicant’s bachelor’s degree will be considered when the applicant’s academic qualifications are assessed. This means that it is not possible to complete supplementary courses in order to meet the specific admission requirements.

The only exception to this are courses which have been completed before the bachelor’s degree was finished. These courses can either be part of a previous study programme or have been taken as single courses. But no more than 30 ECTS credits from such courses can be taken into account in the assessment.

Please contact the study coordinator if you are in doubt about the rules or have questions about your entry qualifications.

Does your bachelor’s degree meet the academic requirements?

In order to be admitted into the MSc in Social Data Science, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold one of the following bachelor’s degrees from a Danish university, a bachelor’s degree from a Danish university equivalent to any of the fields below or a bachelor’s degree from a recognised international university equivalent to any of the fields below:
Agricultural economics Data science
Anthropology Digital design and interactive technologies
Business administration and digital management Education science
Business administration and project management European business
Business administration and psychology European ethnology
Business administration and sociology Economic and business administration
Global business informatics Public administration
International business and politics Public health
Mathematic-economics Social science
Organisational learning Sociology
Political science Sociology and cultural analysis
Psychology Techno-anthropology
  • Or hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognised Danish or international university with at least 30 ECTS from social sciences courses of which at least one should be a practical methods course. Social sciences courses include, among other things, social statistics courses, ethnography courses and other courses on qualitative or quantitative data collection and analysis; courses on culture, organisation, leadership, innovation, management or related topics which involve empirical data collection, processing or analysis; and bachelor and other self-defined projects which include social data collection, processing or analysis.

  • And proficiency in English corresponding to at least English B-level; cf. Section 11 of the Danish Ministerial Order on Admission at Universities. For information on how to meet the language requirements, please click here.

Please note that we only accept applicants holding a bachelor’s degree from research-based universities. This means that degrees such as Professionsbachelor (professional bachelor’s degrees)/top-up degrees from university colleges (Metropol, Copenhagen Business Academy etc.) do not qualify for admission.