Student life at UCPH

Would you like to combine theoretical insight from lectures with an understanding of practical challenges? Do you want to work with an ambitious and diverse group of students? 
Then you should consider studying at UCPH.
Find out what many international students like the most during their studies at UCPH.

Why choose the University of Copenhagen

Every year the University of Copenhagen attracts 5,500 students from all over the world.

Find out what it is like to study at UCPH and explore the great selection of both social and academic activities.

And most importantly, understand why so many international students choose to study at UCPH. 

What does UCPH offer?

Among other things UCPH offers:

  • A strong international environment with 5,500 international students out of a student body of 37,000
  • Education and research at the highest international level with 5,000 academic staff and 10 Nobel Prize laureates
  • 54 master's degree programmes and more than 500 courses taught in English
  • A university that is often ranked as one of the best universities in Europe and among the top one percent of the world's universities
  • Central location in Copenhagen, a safe and cycle-friendly city with a rich cultural life - especially for young people. 

The last two years at UCPH have been the best years of studying

Samuel, Nigeria, studied Religious roots of Europe

The last 2 years at UCPH has been the best 2 years of studying

Best advice for new students

Are you thinking about applying for UCPH?

We spoke to some of the international students about their best advice for new international students enrolling in the university. Find out what they said. 

Welcome to student life at a world class university

UCPH is the largest educational institution in Denmark and consists of six different faculties. No matter whether you wish to study medicine, law, computer science, or something else - we promise that you will have a great experience at UCPH. Get to know the University's six faculties and our campus areas to find the right educational match for you. Welcome to UCPH! 

Explore Copenhagen and visit our 4 campus areas in the map below

You will find our master's degree programmes spread throughout the city of Copenhagen. See where the 4 campus areas are situated in the map. 

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Student communities

See the list of student communities and societies at UCPH

Of course, studying is about learning. But why not enjoy life during your studies in Copenhagen? At UCPH you will find a large range of associations, societies, study groups, clubs, etc. where you can meet fellow students from Denmark and all over the world. These are all great ways to meet fellow students, both international and Danish, and to make new friends. 

Participate in a wide range of activities

Whether you wish to participate in debate, hula hoop dancing, choir singing, oreven winter bathing or something else - we promise there will be something for you. No matter if you look for activities related to your field of study or go for purely social activities, there is a lot to gain.

Grow your network in Denmark

You can get a nuanced understanding of the Danes and grow your network – which is helpful, if you stay in Denmark and start your career upon graduating from UCPH. And, having fun is a great way to beat loneliness.

Once you're enrolled at the University, you can find specific information on the intranet, KUnet.

What is it like to study at UCPH?

Meet students; Alisa from Germany, Gus from the USA, Szonja from Hungary, and Samuel from Nigeria, as well as Associate Professors Martin G. Ehrensvärd and Britt P. Tersbøl. They will give you a taste of the academic culture and student life at UCPH.

Innovation hubs

Would you like to apply your field of study in a new, innovative context? Do you have an idea for a product or service that is not on the market? Then you might want to visit the UCPH Innovation Hubs, which organise workshops, events, go-home meetings and training sessions for all students at the University. Innovation consultants run the hubs and collaborate with a number of partners from the corporate world.

The hubs also offer free office space, counselling and a network of students looking to inspire each other, partner up and develop their businesses.

Special Educational Support (SPS)

Do you suffer from a documented disability that requires special support to undertake your studies? Then you can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS). 

Students with disabilities

UCPH Festival

Did you know that each year 16,000 UCPH students and staff get together for the annual Spring Festival, the "UCPH Festival"?

The UCPH Festival is by far the biggest event at the University of Copenhagen. Why not join us for a great party with famous bands and lots of "hygge"?