Meeting the Danes

Meeting the locals and experiencing their culture are some of the attractions of studying abroad. Through your studies at the University of Copenhagen and the many social events taking place during the semesters, you will have obvious opportunities to meet and socialise with Danish students.

What are the Danes like? You will undoubtedly form your own opinion about the Danes, but a few hints may prove to be useful.


The home is a central concept in the life of a Dane, and the Danes put much effort and money into making their homes comfortable and hyggelige (cosy). Hygge (cosiness) is a keyword in the Danish way of life, focusing on creating a nice atmosphere and enjoying the simple things in life.

According to international studies, Danes are generally very happy with their lives, with a good work-life balance, political freedom, strong social networks, health, and an absence of corruption being important factors.

Breaking the ice

Denmark is generally known to be an open and friendly country. A large part of the population travel abroad at least once a year on holiday or business, and generally speaking, it is a population with a very international outlook. Most Danes will be very interested in learning about your culture and be most happy to speak English with you. The level of English in Denmark is generally very high, and you can easily live in Denmark and only speak English.

If the Danes come across as a bit reserved, show an interest in getting to know their culture and their language and you will get a positive response. Try to speak a bit of Danish to your fellow students, even if you only know a few words or phrases. It works as a good icebreaker. 

Danes are very informal and liberal in their way of life. The position towards alcohol is generally relaxed.

Ideas for places to meet with Danish students include the Student House, the University Sports Association (KSI) or one of the students associations where Danish and international students meet and organise cultural functions and excursions.