Contact the Guidance and Admissions Office

In the Guidance and Admissions Office, we advise on application procedures, admission requirements, choice of study and doubts.

Tel: 35 32 29 29 

Monday 9-12

Wednesday 12-15

Thursday 9-12

Days closed:

12th of October

16th - 20th of October

8th 17th and 24th of November

1th and 4th of December

25th - 29th of December

What we offer:

On the phone you can talk to a guidance counsellor about admission to the bachelor's degree programmes at the University of Copenhagen. During your conversation, you can also arrange with your guidance counsellor to continue your talk over Zoom, e.g. in case you need to share your screen or speak face to face.

We kindly ask you to prepare your call by reading the relevant information on in advance.

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