Quota 1 and quota 2 applications

Understanding quota 1 and quota 2 is necessary if you want to study abroad in Denmark. Here you can read about the quota system as entry requirement and how to apply for admission to a Bachelor's degree at UCPH. However, it is important to know the admission requirements. Among other things it is necessary to document that you have academic language skills in Danish since all bachelor's degree programmes at the University of Copenhagen are taught in Danish solely. Consequently, you need to have (and document) academic language skills in Danish when applying with an international examination. However, a grade point average of at least 6.0 is not required.

Quota 1

In quota 1, your chance of admission to a bachelor's degree depends exclusively on the grade point average from the upper secondary school examination. Furthermore, it is necessary to fulfil all the general and specific requirements for the study programme in question. See the minimum grade point averages for admission from the past few years (in Danish only).

Learn more about quota 1 (in Danish)

Quota 2

We are in the process of planning quota 2 for 2021. Further information will be made available as soon as possible.