Programme Structure

During the MSc programme in Agricultural Economics you receive instruction in the form of lectures, seminars, practical and theoretical exercises. There will also be a good deal of project work. You will be working both independently and in project groups.

In your first year of study, you follow two compulsory courses as well as a number of restricted elective courses at gradually higher academic levels. In your second year, you have two elective courses – you can, for example, use these to study abroad at a foreign university. Or you can follow courses at the Department of Economics at the University of Copenhagen, at Copenhagen Business School or other universities.

Moreover, you have the option, for example, of working on a Project in Practice in collaboration with a company or an organisation. Previous projects have, for instance, dealt with enhanced conflict resolution in the WTO or tariff barriers for manufacturers in the EU and developing countries.

Master Thesis

You complete your MSc programme by writing a thesis, which is a large scientific project worth 30 ECTS, corresponding to six months of teaching. You can write your thesis on your own or in a group.

The thesis is often based on a specific problem, for instance a task on which a research institution or company is working. Examples of theme projects and theses are:

  • Changes in purchasing patterns in connection with low VAT on selected foods
  • Can the conflict resolution system in the WTO be improved?
  • The economic impact of the tariff barriers on sugar beet producers in the EU and the developing countries
  • Non-tariff barriers to trade in the Southern African Customs Union

Upon completion of the programme you gain the title Master of Science (MSc) in Agricultural Economics (in Danish: cand.oecon.agro.).

Programme Structure:

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Year 1 Applied Econometrics Incentives and Regulation
Year 2 Thesis

One block each year comprises 15 ECTS and equals nine weeks of teaching.

     Compulsory course
     Restricted elective course
     Elective course

Restricted elective courses

Choose your restricted elective courses from the lists below. Click on each course for a detailed description.

You are obliged to choose courses worth at least 15 ECTS from this list: