Master of Science (MSc) in Agricultural Economics – University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Agricultural Economics

By 2050, we will be about nine billion people on earth, and we all need food. Resources are scarce and the needs plentiful. As an MSc student of Agricultural Economics you will be equipped with methods and tools that can help tackle these huge challenges.

The programme is offered in English.


"I’ve experienced that, at first, Danes can seem a bit reserved, but once you get to know them, they are very nice and helpful. 

Juliet, recent MSc student, Agricultural Economics 

As an Msc Student of Agricultural Economics you will work with economics and policy in an international perspective with a special emphasis on food, agribusiness and development.  

You will gain knowledge about the way economic incentives can regulate the consumption and production of food, and why rich parts of the world have large food stocks while people in the third world are starving.

The programme also gives you a chance to study industrial organization, and innovation in the food industry, and analyse the agribusiness value chain from farm to fork.

If you would like to work with big challenges within international economics and food policy, an MSc in Agricultural Economics is an obvious choice for you.

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