Master of Science (MSc) in Agriculture – University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Agriculture

Sustainable production of sufficient high-quality food for a growing population is a major global challenge. Also, there is an increasing need for green environments and plants for health, well-being and bioenergy. As a graduate from the MSc programme in Agriculture, you will help shape the future use of plants for the benefit of humans by improving the plants, designing sustainable systems for production and managing the effects on nature, biodiversity and the environment.

" Our teachers are generally around a lot and very involved; they will, for example, help you find the materials you need. Also, a lot of what we do has very direct applications. For example, major assignments such as our bachelor projects can be of interest to the agricultural and horticultural sector.

Maja, MSc student, Agriculture

The programme is offered in English.

MSc in Agriculture is a broad programme targeted at students who are interested in the potentials of plants for the benefit of humans and in agriculture as a human activity. In the two-year MSc programme you specialize in either Plant Science or in Production and Environment.

The aim is to educate graduates who are capable of conducting research, developing innovative solutions and improving systems within the fields of plant science, production systems, natural resource use and environmental impacts.

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