Master of Science (MSc) in Biology – University of Copenhagen

Master in Biology at the University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Biology

As an MSc student of Biology you will be part of a rapidly developing field in which modern biology is integrating molecular techniques in the solution of biological problems such as climate change, pollution, diseases and loss of biodiversity. If you would like to make a difference and make your mark on the future, an MSc degree in Biology might well be the obvious choice for you.

The programme is offered in English.

"You're on first-name terms with the teachers and the courses are very intense.
I spend most of my study time in the lab to improve my practical skills in genetics, neurobiology and zoology. With the working group we had common coffee breaks and Danish breakfast.

Irina, MSc student, Biology

The 21st century is rapidly becoming the biological century. Master’s students in Biology have the chance to partake in modern biology’s revolutionary current where, among many other developments, molecular techniques are being integrated to address biological problems. The graduate programme allows you a learning opportunity to understand, utilize and protect nature and its diverse abundance of organisms.

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