Geraldine Henningsen

I came to Copenhagen University from Kiel University where I took a MSc in 'Quantitative Economics'. When my family and I moved to Denmark I had finished about 50% of my master. All my credit transfer got accepted without exception, so that was surprisingly easy. I couldn't proceed with my specialization as the course catalogue doesn't offer in-depth econometrics and statistics classes - although I guess had I taken the effort, it would have been no problem to follow these courses at the math department. Anyway, the course catalogue in economics is so capacious that I got more than compensated. The teachers and the administrative staff were always very supportive, and the general atmosphere is relaxed, so that one feels welcomed and accepted.

Although it is hard to form friendship with Danes, it is possible, and there are many internationals living in greater Copenhagen area. So over time, I found great people to hang out with in both groups, and I have accepted that rubber boots can be a fashionable item.

Geraldine Henningsen, Germany

Thijs Brouwer

"My time in Copenhagen in one word: magical! It probably were the best six months of my life, during which I got to know myself like I never had before. Life in Denmark just really suits me. I'm Dutch - we bike, and I really liked the biking culture in Copenhagen. Moreover, the Danish term 'hygge' is encountered in every layer of Danish society. The city is young and lively, great to spend time in during both summer and winter. Regarding the University, its location is perfect and education is intimate - small class sizes, especially for the Master's courses - but of a high level. In short, I had a blast."

Thijs Brouwer, Holland

Juan Luis Arango Giraldo

An exchange program in Denmark is a completely new experience for someone coming from a developing country, in my case Colombia. The culture, the people, the academic method, everything is different but at the same time everything is enjoyable - and it doesn’t matter what you are doing, you will always learn from this awesome experience. The university and the Department of Economics will make your experience easier, providing help for exchange students, and trying to make your adaptation easier.

Juan Luis Arango Giraldo, Columbia