Profile and Career

If you are interested in how foods are developed, what they consist of, and how you can manage a production process from raw materials to finished product, the MSc programme in Food Science and Technology is what you are looking for.

A degree in food science and technology enables you to work on the challenges associated with food production, food safety, food quality, sustainabability, and health. You can also develop foods based on gastronomic know-how and consumer knowledge.

Competence Description

Increasing technologisation has made food production extremely complex, and there is a growing need for highly qualified food science graduates who can grasp and apply new technologies.

The programme gives you plenty of opportunities to strengthen your international skills as many students are international. This means that teaching naturally has a global perspective.

As a graduate you are, among other things, also able to maintain up-to-date knowledge of international food rules and quality control within the food industry.

Career Opportunities

The food industry is one of Denmark's most important sectors, and many opportunities exist for food science graduates:

  • You can, for example, work with product development, quality management and company management in food companies.
  • You can develop healthy, sustainable plant-based foods.
  • You can become involved in developing new and healthy foods or work to prevent undesirable bacteria from entering the products.
  • As the programme is taught in English and the food industry is globally oriented, the programme gives you a solid foundation for an international career.

You can read more about the competence profile and career opportunities in connection with the individual specialisations at the programme structure page.