Student Life

Student involvement

Students are invited and expected to participate in the life of the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), including research events such as conferences, workshops and talks.


Join the network of international students and their mentors at the Faculty of Humanities at Facebook. Join the group "Faculty of Humanities International". And follow AMIS on Facebook.

The Mentor Programme

A group of Danish students, the so-called mentors, are here to help you get a good and easy start at the Faculty of Humanities. Each international student is encouraged to join the student-run Mentor programme QA-programme. The programme offers a variety of different social, cultural and academic activities and provides international students with personal mentor groups which will assist you in getting settled both socially and practically.

We strongly encourage all our international students to sign up for the QA-programme.

Your mentor will contact you by e-mail prior to your arrival in Denmark. Make sure that the e-mail address used in your application is valid and that you check it regularly prior to leaving your home country.

If you are interested, your mentor will pick you up at the airport or at the bus/train station when you arrive and make arrangements for you to meet with your landlord.

Student Life on Campus

South Campus at University of Copenhagen offers several cosy meeting points for students. Students at the faculty use the cafés during their breaks to meet up with fellow students or even lecturers. In the evenings the Faculty is often used for cultural events and café nights.

The Meeting Point ("Café Mødestedet")
This café offers coffee, hot chocolate, cold beer, light lunches and a variety of confectionery. The café stocks various games and has its own pool table.

Departmental cafés
Each department at the Faculty of Humanities has a student café, run by student volunteers from the department. The cafés offer a cosy environment where you can meet fellow students, read newspapers, play board games and buy cheap coffee and snacks. Student groups arrange study circles with representations from authors, artists and intellectuals and mutual discussions of relevant academic subjects. Furthermore the student cafés arrange Friday café nights often with different themes. There are often international student cafés during the semester where you'll get the opportunity to meet other international students and their mentors. We definitely recommend you to experience the atmosphere of the student cafés as the social life of many Danish student revolves around these cafés.

Sports Facilities

The students sports association is called USG (Gymnastics for the students in Copenhagen). Signing up normally takes place in August, although it is possible to join at later dates if slots are free on the teams. USG offers a wide range of different disciplines both on the southern campus and on other locations around Copenhagen. To find information about programme, prices and contact please see the USG website.

Read more about student associations and clubs.

Finding Housing

If you are looking for a place to live, please visit University of Copenhagen general information about finding housing.