Master of Arts (MA) in Advanced Migration Studies – University of Copenhagen

MA in Advanced Migration Studies at University of Copenhagen

Master of Arts (MA) in Advanced Migration Studies

What are the causes, patterns and effects of international migration? What has been the fate of refugees seeking to escape the conflicts in Northern Africa and the Middle East? How will global warming affect human mobility in the future?

To what extent do changing demographics in Western democracies require an intake of migrant labour? How are migrant identities formed in response to national cultures in host societies? How can migrant literature and other artistic expression help us to understand the migrant experience? What are the conditions under which religious and cultural diversity lead to tensions and conflict, rather than peaceful co-existence? What would a fair immigration and integration regime look like?

The Master’s degree in Advanced Migration Studies is an ambitious, interdisciplinary two-year degree programme offered in English that provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by international migration. The programme combines humanities and social science approaches to migration, including ethnology, anthropology, sociology, sociology of religion, history, philosophy, political science, sociolinguistics, education, and literary and media studies.

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