Admission requirements

If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a Bachelor’s programme, you are eligible to apply for the Master’s programme in Advanced Migration Studies. 

All applicants will be assessed in accordance to the academic requirements and the English language requirements. The applicants who meet the academic requirements will be evaluated and ranked in accordance to the selection criteria below. The highest ranked of the qualified applicants get an offer to join the programme.

The Faculty of Humanities does not offer pre-assessment of an applicant's academic qualifications. Solely the admissions committee can determine if an applicant is qualified for admission after the application deadline.

Only your bachelor’s degree will be assessed

Only bachelor-level courses from your completed bachelor’s degree (the bachelor’s degree must be completed prior to the start of the programme) are taken into consideration during the assessment of your academic qualifications. This means that no other courses than the courses included in your bachelor’s degree programme will be taken into consideration.

Academic requirements


If you hold one of the degrees listed below, you are considered to automatically meet the requirements regarding relevance of academic qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s degree from a Faculty of Humanities or a Faculty of Social Sciences.

In order to proceed with your application please refer to the application procedure.


The faculty may admit applicants other than those mentioned above if it is assessed that the applicant has a Bachelor’s degree equivalent to a degree from a Faculty of Humanities or a Faculty of Social Sciences.