Profile and Career

Student collecting water sample from lake

Water resources are under increasing pressure from overuse and pollution, intensified by population growth and climate change. Finding ways to secure sufficient supplies of water of a quality suitable for drinking and agricultural production while ensuring the stability of ecosystems is crucial.

Competence Description

The two-year MSc programme in Water and Environment will prepare graduates to work professionally with the challenges of:

  • reducing and preventing water pollution
  • promoting sustainable use of water
  • protecting the environment
  • improving the state of water ecosystems
  • reducing the effects of floods and drought

The demand for this competence profile is increasing worldwide and you will have the option of working internationally.

Career Opportunities

With an MSc in Water and Environment you can work within research, administration, consultancy, and project management. Through employment in, for example:

  • Engineering consultancy companies
  • Manufacturing companies, including companies that manufacture environmental technology products
  • Ministries and public administration institutions that set the political framework for the regulation of water and environment and carry out supervisory tasks
  • Educational institutions
  • Research institutions and companies
  • International organisations
  • Food and pharmaceutical companies
  • Professional agricultural organisations, including consultancy firms

you can contribute to reducing and preventing water pollution, promoting sustainable use of water, protecting the environment, improving the state of aquatic ecosystems and alleviating the effects of floods and droughts.