Programme Structure

Water and Environment is a two-year MSc programme focusing on four main areas in four modules:

  • Module 1: Hydrology, Freshwater Ecology and Biogeochemistry
  • Module 2: Pollutants and Pollution Control
  • Module 3: Statistics, Modelling and Global Change
  • Module 4: Integrated Water Management and Legislation

During the first year of the programme you follow courses related to each of the four modules (as shown in the programme structure below). The courses provides you with knowledge and competencies in basic disciplines such as hydrology, freshwater ecology, statistics and nutrients management. Additionally, you will follow more specific solution-oriented courses such as water pollution control, soil and groundwater remediation, water management and computer modelling of future scenarios regarding water resources and water quality.

Thus, the programme gives you the competencies to make informed decisions regarding the aquatic environment, land use and ecology. The courses also prepare you for the 12 months of independent experimental thesis work in the second year of the programme.

All courses and coursework will be conducted in English.

The teaching is organised in small, exclusive classes in alternation with intensive, practical exercises and excursions over 2-3 days. You will also do joint projects drawing on courses offered in the same semester. These activities ensure a high level of learning and let you apply research and investigative methods in practice as well as theory.

On completion of the MSc programme you will be awarded the title Master of Science (MSc) in Water and Environment.

Programme structure

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4
Year 1


Freshwater Ecology


Pollution Control and Water Treatment

Soil and Groundwater Pollution

Contaminants – Fate and Processes

Global Change

Geospatial Ecology

Integrated Catchment Modelling


Water Policies and Legislation

Urban Water Management

Agricultural Water and Nutrients Management

Freshwater Ecosystem Management

Year 2 Thesis (60 ECTS)