4EU+ students

The University of Copenhagen is part of the university alliance 4EU+. This means that students from Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne Universitythe University of Milan, the University of Geneva, and University of Warsaw can apply to study as a 4EU+ student for up to two semesters at the University of Copenhagen.

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What is a 4EU+ student?

As a 4EU+ student at UCPH, you:

When you apply as a 4EU+ student, you must follow the same application process as an Erasmus+ exchange student.

Read more about how to apply here.

Purpose of the 4EU+ European university alliance

The 4EU+ European university alliance brings together seven public top European universities from different regions of Europe. The aim is to strengthen the European vision of a deeper collaboration and mutual enrichment by developing a new way of collaborating within in teaching, education, research and administration, leading to the creation of a truly integrated European university system.