Faculty of Law, South Campus. Photo: Rasmus Degnbol.

The two scholarships found on this site are aimed at exchange and guest students applying to UCPH.

Please note that UCPH does not offer any other scholarship programmes for exchange or guest students.


Novo Nordisk International Talent Program

Please note that this program will be discontinued. No more scholarships will be awarded after the spring 2024 deadline. 




Novo Nordisk International Talent Program is a scholarship programme set up to assist students from the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU) and The University of Sydney in a range of selected academic fields seeking to study abroad at the University of Copenhagen.

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a degree programme at a IARU university or The University of Sydney
  • Apply for admission at UCPH as an exchange, a guest student or to attend an online course
  • Meet a GPA requirement of minimum 3
  • Be engaged in study activities pertaining to metabolism, insulin, haemoglobin, obesity, big data, or digitalization
  • Study at third year Bachelor's level or Master’s level while at UCPH in one of the following programmes:
    Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Biology-Biotechnology, Computer Science, Food Innovation and Health, Global Health, Health Informatics, Chemistry, Human Biology, Human Physiology, Human Nutrition, Immunology and Inflammation, Medicinal Chemistry, Medicine and Technology, Medicine, Molecular Biomedicine, Nanoscience, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Public Health.






This program will be discontinued, and no more scholarships will be awarded after the spring 2024 deadline. 

There are two application deadlines per year:

  • October 25 for studying at UCPH in the following semester.
  • April 1 for studying at UCPH in the following semester or for summer schools.

We will open for submission of applications one month prior to the application deadline.










How to apply:

  • Fill out the application form containing a list of courses you plan to attend during your exchange
  • Write a short description (on the last page in the application form) on how the courses you wish to take during your exchange address challenges in relation to metabolism, insulin, haemoglobin, obesity, big data or digitalisation
  • Submit you transcript of records in English from your Bachelor's programme and Master's degree programme (if applicable)

Download the application form here.

The application and requested documents are submitted through this link.

Please note, that we will open for submission of applications one month prior to the application deadline.

Please fill in the form electronically and attach all documents as PDF files. Please do not attach recommendations.

You will be requested to submit your GPA, including both Bachelor's and Master's grades (if you have Master's grades). Please use this GPA calculator.
If you are applying from the National University of Singapore, the NUS CAP will be converted to GPA by multiplying the NUS CAP with 0,80.

You may expect to hear about the outcome of your application 4-8 weeks after the application deadline.







Fulbright Scholarship


The Fulbright programme is a scholarship for US students to study in Denmark. Read about how to apply for a Fulbright scholarship on the Fulbright website. You can also contact the Fulbright office in Copenhagen:


Telephone: +45 33 18 10 02



To apply as a Fulbright guest student (e.g. to study 1-2 semesters) to the University of Copenhagen, you must first receive an invitation to apply from UCPH. You will be accepted as a Fulbright student if you receive a Fulbright scholarship.

If you would like an invitation to apply and to complete an online application as a Fulbright guest student, please write to us at We will then send you a link to your online application.

Required documents

As part of the application process, you will need to upload the following documents:

  • An official up-to-date transcript of all degree-level studies
  • Proof of citizenship (e.g. photo page of your passport)
  • Letter of affiliation from UCPH (e.g. the letter of affiliation you received from a professor at UCPH)
  • Letter from Fulbright confirming your Fulbright scholarship 
  • Proof of English proficiency

Native English speakers and students enrolled on an English-taught bachelor or master programme in a country where English is an official language must submit a copy of their academic transcript (or, if necessary, upper secondary school diploma) as proof of English proficiency.

  1. All other students must submit one of the following proofs of English proficiency (minimum score):
    1. TOEFL iBT (incl. "at home" version): 80
    2. TOEFL Computer-based: 213
    3. TOEFL Paper-based: 550
    4. IELTS (preferable IELTS Academic): 6.0
    5. Cambridge English C1 Advanced: minimum score B
    6. Cambridge English C2 Proficiency: minimum score C

IMPORTANT: We do not accept other forms of test, including institutional TOEFL tests (ITP). TOEFL and IELTS results must be valid (i.e., taken within 2 years of the application deadline).

Letter of admission

If you are accepted by the department and you are granted a Fulbright scholarship, you will receive a letter of admission from UCPH and an application for a residence permit for studies in Denmark.

Contact person at UCPH

You will need to reach out to faculty members at your relevant department. It is your own responsibility to find a contact person who will work with you during your time at UCPH.

New language requirements from spring 2026

Please note that new language requirements will apply for fee-paying guest students applying to the spring 2026 semester and thereafter. You can view the new requirements here.



If you want to study a complete master’s degree, please go to the website for master’s students to read about the application process.




It is your own responsibility to find a contact person at the relevant department at UCPH. You need to find a contact person who will work with you during your time at UCPH. You can find more information about the department here.

The Fulbright Foundation requires a letter of affiliation. Please reach out to your contact person at the relevant department to sign the letter of affiliation.

You can find a template to the letter of affiliation at the Fulbright website

International Education cannot sign your letter of affiliation.


Remember never to share personal documents such as transcripts from non secure e-mail addresses. Please use a secure file-sharing service such as DropBox or WeTransfer when you have to send your documentation to your contact person at the department.