Erasmus+: How to apply

Faculty of Law, South Campus. Photo: Rasmus Degnbol.

Below, you can find information on applying for an exchange stay at University of Copenhagen


The application process for an exchange stay is as follows:

  1. Your home university nominates you for an exchange stay via our admissions website
  2. We review your nomination and send you an invitation to apply online
  3. You submit your application by the application deadline (preferably before)
  4. We review your application and send you the admission results
  5. If admitted, we will e-mail you with your letter of admission and welcome information.








To apply for an Erasmus+ exchange stay at the University of Copenhagen, your home university must nominate you for an exchange stay. Once your home university has nominated you, we will send you an invitation to apply online. 

Nominations to the University of Copenhagen must be made by through our online nomination portal. We will send information to your home university on how to do this.

Erasmus exchange agreement

In order to undertake an Erasmus study exchange period at UCPH, there must be a current Erasmus agreement in place between UCPH and your home institution. Contact your home institution to find out if it has an Erasmus agreement with UCPH that is relevant for you.























Shortly after your home university nominates you, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to create a login for our online application system: Mobility Online.

Completing your online application

In your online application, you will be asked to:

  • complete basic details about yourself and your current education (e.g., your full name, current studies),
  • indicate whether you want to participate in the free pre-semester course (see here under Course information for details)
  • upload your transcript of records (see Required documents below for details).

“Update” and “Save” buttons

When completing your online application, please note that you will often have to click on an “Update” button (or similar) at the bottom of the page to make changes. Remember to click “Save” when you have updated your application.

































Transcript of records

All applicants must submit a transcript of records.

We accept unofficial transcripts from the electronic registrar system of your home university if the document includes your name and the name of your home university.

We accept documents in Danish, English, Swedish and Norwegian.

Transcripts in another language

If your transcript is not in one of the above languages, we also accept unofficial translations that are signed by your international/exchange office.

Master-level students

If you are a master-level student, please remember to upload your transcripts for both your bachelor and master studies. In your Mobility Online application, just click on the “Upload” link again to upload another transcript.


The application deadlines are as follows:

  • 1 May for applications to the autumn semester (starting 1 September)  
  • 1 October for applications to the spring semester (starting 1 February)


Please make sure to submit your application by the application deadline and, if possible, before. The sooner you submit your application, the sooner we will be able to review it.


For applications to the autumn semester, we typically send the application results out in early May, shortly after the application deadline.

For applications to the spring semester, we typically send the application results out in early October, shortly after the application deadline.
































Additional information

The following information includes important information not directly part of the application process. 

At the University of Copenhagen, the learning agreement must be signed by the department or faculty in charge of the Erasmus+ agreement you were nominated through.

After you have been admitted and chosen your courses, we will write to you with the UCPH contact information for your learning agreement (usually 5-6 weeks after the application deadline).




Shortly after you have been admitted, you will be invited to log in and choose the courses you would like to take at UCPH.

You can find more information on choosing courses here.



Please note that some courses require students to submit a proof of English proficiency and/or have an academic background in the subject.

You can find more information about proof of English proficiency and course requirements in the Course information section. 

Please note that you do not to submit proof of English proficiency with your application. If you need to submit proof, you will be asked to submit this documentation when choosing courses (after you have been admitted).


The University of Copenhagen works with the housing organisation Housing Foundation Copenhagen, who provide accommodation to students.

All exchange students automatically receive an invitation to apply for accommodation via Housing Foundation Copenhagen. 

Housing Foundation Copenhagen send invitations to book a room to all exchange students’ private e-mail addresses in late June/November (i.e., approximately two and a half months before the start of the semester).

We recommend that students scrutinise their housing options as well as read the Booking Manual well in advance of getting the invitation. It is especially important that you read the Booking Manual, which includes information about the system of fixed periods, the different fees, and their strict cancellation policy:

Accommodation in Copenhagen is expensive

Please note that accommodation in Copenhagen is very expensive, with rent ranging from 4,000 to 10,000 DKK a month (and higher!).

It is also common practice in Denmark to pay 3 months’ rent in advance (typically this will be saved as the rent for the last 3 months’ of the rental period) as well as a deposit equal to 3 months rent. This means that you will almost always have to pay a large sum of money in the beginning.

Searching for accommodation on your own

Almost all exchange students book accommodation through Housing Foundation Copenhagen, but it is possible for students to search for accommodation on their own. However, we do advise students to be careful, since there have been cases of students who have paid large deposits only to find out that the apartment did not belong to the person advertising it.

You can find more information and tips on searching for accommodation here: