Danish language courses

IMPORTANT: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have unfortunately had to cancel the pre-semester Danish language course running in August. If you are interested in taking the Danish language course, we recommend selecting "Danish Language Course, Semester", which runs during the semester.

The University of Copenhagen offers both a pre-semester Danish language course (7.5 ECTS) and a Danish language course held during the semester (7.5 ECTS) for international students.

ECTS credits are obtained when you complete the course and pass the final examinations. You must pass both the written (3.75 ECTS) and the oral (3.75 ECTS) examination in order to receive the 7.5 ECTS. The course and the ECTS will appear on your final transcript and cannot be removed. You will not receive 3.75 ECTS credits if you only pass one of the two exams.

More information about the exams.

The Danish language courses are optional and can be selected in the online application form.

For instance, if you wish to attend the pre-semester Danish language course and course during the semester, please choose the following fields of study/courses in the online application, e.g.:

  • Danish Language Course, Pre Semester August
  • Danish Language Course, Semester

You can find more information about the courses on the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (NORS) website.