For applicants with foreign or international exams

Please follow this checklist for documentation when applying for admission to a bachelor’s degree at the University of Copenhagen. You are to upload the documents on

  1. Upper secondary school education/high school Diploma: a copy of your original Diploma and a transcript of records (all the courses that you have had at school) issued by the school

  2. If you have studied after secondary school/high school: a copy of your original diploma and a transcript of records (all the courses that you have had at college or university) issued by the educational institutions

  3. Documentation for passed Danish language qualifications: Studieprøven i dansk or Dansk A

  4. If you have taken any supplementary courses in Denmark or abroad: documentation for the course

  5. If necessary, documentation for how many hours you were taught in specific courses or subjects at school 

  6. For citizens in countries outside EU/EEA: documentation of residence permit

  7. Power of attorney if you wish to give someone written authorization to represent you or act on your behalf regarding your application

Please note: foreign diplomas and transcripts of records have to be translated into Danish or English by a sworn translator, unless they are issued in English, French, German, Swedish or Norwegian.

Quota 2

In 2020, a new quota 2 will be in effect.