Master of Arts (MA) in African Studies

Do you want to develop a set of strong, widely applicable analytical, practical and communication skills, while at the same time specializing in a region of the globe of rising importance? As a graduate in African Studies you will accomplish both.

Africa is a continent undergoing dynamic transformation on many levels. It combines new potentials and ongoing challenges: economic innovation and growth alongside persistent poverty and environmental challenges, political democratisation alongside authoritarianism, social and cultural diversity and creativity alongside limited opportunities and exclusions.

Both the public and private sectors need candidates able to skillfully navigate the complexity of Africa and understand its relationship to the world. As a graduate in African Studies, with a strong set of analytical, practical and communication skills, you will be well equipped to do this.

Some of the most pressing current and future challenges on the African continent concern the climate crisis, sustainability and environmental governance and it is possible to specialise in sustainability as a part of the programme.

The MA in African Studies is an international degree, taught in English. Read more about the academic profile and career opportunities.

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