Master of Arts (MA) in African Studies – University of Copenhagen

Master of Arts (MA) in African Studies

What is Africa? What is Africa’s place in the world? How might emerging trends within the continent be analysed and appreciated?

The MA in African Studies provides an advanced understanding of the diversity of the African continent and its relationship to the world, in historical, social, political, economic and cultural dimensions. Grounded in this interdisciplinary approach, students acquire strong analytical skills, the ability to conduct independent research, and the possibility for gaining practical experience in relevant professional fields.

The MA in African Studies is an international degree, taught in English.

As a student of African Studies you will:

  • Join one of the few distinct African Studies centres in continental Europe offering a comprehensive two-year Masters in African Studies.
  • Take part in a dynamic international study environment at a centre which has a strong sense of community and a close and committed interaction among staff and students.
  • Obtain an interdisciplinary degree in African Studies grounded in a combination of social sciences and humanities, incorporating a variety of core and elective courses and teaching methods which together facilitate both flexibility and focus.
  • Benefit from a strong theoretical and research-based teaching environment with opportunities for also gaining practical experience and skills through internships and/or fieldwork studies.

Dynamic international environment

The Centre offers a dynamic international environment with close interaction between staff and students. This is especially enhanced through active attention to supervision throughout the degree. At the same time, CAS is very outward-looking and internationally and locally well networked, facilitating students’ contact across many academic and professional institutions and sectors.

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