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Admission requirements

Admission to a master's degree programme in Applied Cultural Analysis requires at a minimum successful completion of a recognised university degree equivalent in level to a Danish bachelor's degree.

Provided you have completed a bachelor’s degree or are enrolled in the final semester of a bachelor’s degree programme, you are eligible to apply for the MA in Applied Cultural Analysis. 

In order to qualify for admission, applicants are also required to fulfil the English language requirements.

Bachelor's degrees that automatically fulfill the academic requirements

If you hold one of the degrees listed below, you are considered to automatically meet the requirements regarding relevance of academic qualifications.

  • BA in European Ethnology, University of Copenhagen
  • BSc in Anthropology, University of Copenhagen
  • BA in Ethnography, Aarhus University
  • BSc in Sociology and Cultural Analysis, University of Southern Denmark

This also applies if you hold a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Humanities or
the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Copenhagen, and have obtained a minimum of 10 ECTS credits of the Bachelor’s elective in Ethnology, University of
Copenhagen. The Bachelor’s elective in Ethnology consists of:

  • Anthropological and Ethnological Theory
  • Anthropological and Ethnological Method
  • Analytical Strategies in Ethnology
  • Current Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology, A
  • Current Issues in Ethnology and Anthropology, B

In order to proceed with your application, please refer to the application procedure.

Other bachelor's degrees

Applicants with other bachelor's degrees are also eligible to apply for admission to the programme. The Faculty may admit applicants who, after an individual academic assessment, are deemed to possess the educational qualifications required for admission.

In order to proceed with your application, please refer to the application procedure.