Study Abroad

It is possible to study abroad as part of your MSc programme at Faculty of Science. A main objective of studying abroad is to further widen your academic knowledge and network

You can study for either one or two semesters at a university abroad, or for a shorter period of time; e.g. by attending a summer school and the courses you pass can be credit transferred to your Danish study programme at the Faculty of Science.

At the University of Copenhagen, you have excellent opportunities for studying abroad. The Faculty of Science has approx. 100 Erasmus+ exchange agreements, in addition to more than 100 university-wide agreements with non-European universities.

In principle, you can study abroad in any given country and at any given university, but the study programmes at Faculty of Science have exchange agreements with many universities abroad. This means that you can study tuition free at our partner universities.

When can I study abroad?

  • You are encouraged to talk to a study and career guide about when a study abroad is most suitable in your programme.
  • When you go on an exchange, the exchange spot is tuition free at the host university
  • A small stipend is automatically granted with some of the exchange programmes. You may also be eligible to apply for private grants to support your exchange studies.
  • Please note that the application deadlines for exchange abroad are in the fall and early spring for the following academic year.