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The MSc in Global Development is a research-based, cross-disciplinary Master of Science programme. Teaching and learning methods vary between lectures and classroom instruction, visits to field sites, case and project work carried out individually and together with other students. Students are encouraged to participate actively in class discussions.

As a graduate, you will be able to

  • identify and critically analyse key factors and forces shaping the livelihoods and well-being of individuals, populations and societies at global, regional, national and local levels
  • independently analyse and evaluate policies and strategies for development and economic growth in low and middle-income societies
  • discuss cultures and social norms in the contextualisation of theories
  • critically evaluate, discuss and prioritise among key methodologies with regard to validity, reliability and applicability
  • communicate and discuss research-based knowledge, advice and decisions across cultures and on different levels to researchers, policy-makers, media, organisations and laypersons.

Combining knowledge and skills, graduates will be able to work effectively with cross-disciplinary problems in the area of global development on an individual basis and in teams as well as being able to provide evidence-based solutions to situations which are complex and require new approaches.

Furthermore, you will be able to communicate your knowledge and findings to a wide range of audiences using different media and strategies.


The study programme paves the way for several types of employment depending on your specialisation during the second year of the programme. Many candidates will go on to jobs in private companies which interact with the Global South (Africa, Asia and Latin America). Other graduates will find employment in institutions and organisations engaged in development work and other international issues. There is considerable potential for production companies, service businesses and consultants in the global markets, especially in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and in the new growth countries, for example Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and several African countries. Graduates of this new study programme can help realise this potential.

After graduating, you can look forward to working as a consultant, adviser, project manager or analyst in businesses, organisations and authorities involved in international and/or development activities.

The programme can also lead to a research career within global development.

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Our alumni find work in all kinds of organizations all over the world.

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