Alumni and where they work

Our alumni find work in all kinds of organizations all over the world.

In the following you can see where our first two cohorts have found work:

Consultancy: 12
EU: 1
Government: 16
NGO: 21
Private company: 21
Research: 5
UN: 6
Other (culture, post-graduation studies etc.): 7

This is where they are currently working:

Denmark: 38
EU (UK incl.): 31
Africa: 7
China: 4
Asia (not incl. China): 4
US: 3
Other (Australia, Mexico, Lebanon): 3

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Category: Marketing

And just two give you an idea of the diversity of work they find, here are their job titles:

Administrative officer, Adviser, Adviser for Sustainable Development, Analyst, Analytical Officer, Assistance Coordinator, Assistant - Strategic Planning and Governance, Assistant Consultant, Assistant Programme Manager, Associate Information Management Officer, Associate Officer, Automation Specialist, Blue Book Trainee, Business and Market Analyst, Business Developer, Case Officer, Co-Founder and Partner-Manager, Co-Founder and Project-Manager, Consultant, Cultivateur, Customer Service Adviser, Development Coordinator, Director of analysis in Anticorruption, Economic and Political Advisor, Economist, Entry-level consultant, Event Coordinator Assistant, External Relations and Advocacy Intern, Founding Partner, Head of Campaign and Events, Head of Support, HR, Finance and External Relations Assistant, Human Rights Policy Advisor, Impact Manager, Information Management Officer, Innovation Officer, Instructor, Int dev consultant, Integration Manager, Intern, International Client Consultant, International Programme Manager, Junior advisor, environment, Junior Consultant, Junior Programme Management Officer, Junior User Researcher, Management Associate, Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation Officer, Operational Purchase employee, Peacebuilding Analyst, Policy Officer, Political adviser, Postdoc, Product Manager, Program Officer, Programme Assistant, Programme Development Assistant, Project Assistant, Project consultant, Project Coordinator, Project Management Assistant, Project Manager, Research Assistant, Sales Assistant, Trade Secretary, Young Professional