3 things about the MSc in Social Data Science

If you are considering to apply to the MSc in Social Data Science programme and wonder whether it will be the right fit for you, here are three important points that can help you make sure that the programmed lives up to what you are looking for:

  1. You love variety in data and methods. Are you a qualitatively oriented student who is not afraid of numbers or a quantitatively oriented student who is not afraid of engaging in-depth in the lives of specific people? The programmes’ courses have a strong focus on data, social sciences and methods. You will be asked to gather your own digital data and analyze it. You should have a good command of one or more social science methods when you start the programme and be ready to learn new ones.

  2. You like to get your hands dirty. Do you like to work hands-on and empirically to solve problems? The programme emphasises approaches to problem solving that start from data collection and analysis to evaluate existing models and interpretations, and generate new perspectives and solutions. Drawing on these analyses, students then learn to engage in balanced, critical discussion leveraging an informed understanding of the legal, political and ethical context of the issues. 

  3. You are ready for a demanding schedule. Are you prepared to invest many hours in your study programme? The programme requires you to spend a big chunk of your time and dedication to participate in the courses, and to study hard on your own as well as with your group. It will be hard work. You are expected to engage, be open-minded and curious. In return, you will be taught by highly dedicated and competent teachers, who will include you in improvements of the courses and work hard to make sure that you learn as much as possible.  

Students at pc. Photo: UCPH