3 things about the MSc in Social Data Science

Before you send in your application, we would like you to consider the following three important points about our MSc in Social Data Science programme – just to make sure that we really are what you are looking for:

  1. We love data and methods. We are a research-based programme, and this affects our teaching. We have a strong focus on data, social science and methods. We will make you gather your own digital data, and we will ask you to analyse it. This goes for quantitative as well as qualitative data. We expect you to have a good command of one or more social science methods when you start, and we will challenge you to learn new ones. We are looking for qualitatively-oriented students who are not afraid of numbers and quantitatively-oriented students who are not afraid of engaging in-depth in the lives of specific people.

  2. We like to get our hands dirty. When faced with a problem, we do not automatically adopt a critical mindset from the safe distance of big theory. We much prefer to be hands-on, get as much data as possible, analyse it, evaluate existing models and interpretations and come up with new analyses and solutions. Only then, based on an informed gauging of the legal, political and ethical context and effects, will we engage in a balanced critical discussion.

  3. We ask a lot of you. In particular, during the first semester, we ask for a big chunk of your time and dedication to participate in the boot camp, and to study hard on your own as well as with your group. We want you to engage and to be open-minded and curious. It will be hard work. At times, you will probably find it to be too much – just like many successful students on similar programmes before you. In return, we will do our best to offer you our very best research-based teaching. We have highly dedicated and competent teachers, who want to include your input in any changes and improvements that are going to be made to the programme.

Students at pc. Photo: UCPH